Boeing Seeks Blessing to Deliver 737 MAX as FAA Reviews Pilot Training

By Andrew Tangel and Andy Pasztor Boeing Co. BA -1.77% hopes to deliver 737 MAX aircraft to airlines before the end of the year even if regulators haven’t approved related pilot training, people familiar with the matter said. As the plane maker prepares for the Federal Aviation Administration to lift a MAX flight ban as soon as December, Boeing is […]

Helicopter Performance

ContentIntroduction 4 Acknowledgement 4 Definitions 5 EXAMPLES OF PERFORMANCE RELATED TOPICS 7 1.1 Example of a performance related accident 7 1.2 Example of a performance chart use for a landing in a mountainous area 8 PILOT IN COMMAND RESPONSIBILITY 9 2.1 How to Comply 9 PERFORMANCE FACTORS 10 3.1 Mass 10 3.2 Air Density 11 3.3 Wind 14 3.4 Ground […]

Guía del programa de análisis de sucesos operacionales centroamericanos (PASOC)

Esta guía describe y establece los lineamientos y procedimientos del Programa de Análisis de Sucesos Operacionales Centroamericano (PASOC).