FAA emite SAIB (Special Airworthiness Information Bulletins) alertando a los propietarios de R44 y R66 de posibles fugas en las batería

FAA issues SAIB alerting R44 & R66
owners of potential battery leakage

The Federal Aviation Administration has issued a Special
Airworthiness Information Bulletin (SAIB) to alert Robinson R44
and R66 owners of a potential leakage issue with some types of
lead acid batteries.
The issue affects three batteries produced by Concorde Battery,
Inc. – Robinson part numbers B237-7 and P/N B237-8 (for the
R66), and B237-4 (R44).
“There have been a number of reports of lead acid batteries
leaking electrolyte,” the bulletin states. “Although the batteries are
of absorbed glass mat (AGM) technology, leakage has occurred
for batteries installed on their side (posts not oriented up).”
Robinson has issued service information to re-orient some
installations, as well as how to deal with any leakage. The FAA
notes that Concorde has also incorporate improved procedures for
batteries manufactured after January 2019 to minimize excess
The FAA recommends that owners and operators of the affected
aircraft review and comply with R44 Service Bulletin SB-99 or R66
Service Bulletin SB-28.
Despite the need for an SAIB, the FAA said the issue “is not an
unsafe condition that would warrant airworthiness directive” action.